Arid Zone Archaeology

Six volumes have been published so far (publishing house: All'Insegna del Giglio, Florence).

1999 - The Uan Afuda Cave. Hunter-Gatherer Societies of Central Sahara. Ed. by S. di Lernia2001 - Uan Tabu in the Settlement History of the Libyan Sahara. Ed. by E.A.A. Garcea

2002 - Sand, Stones, and Bones. The Archaeology of Death in The Wadi Tanezzuft Valley (5000-2000 bp), The Archaeology of Libyan Sahara Volume I. Ed. by S. di Lernia & G. Manzi

2003 - Arid Lands in Roman Times. Papers from the International Conference (Rome, July 9th-10th 2001). Ed. by M. Liverani

2005 - Aghram Nadharif. The Barkat Oasis (Sha'abiya of Ghat, Libyan Sahara) in Garamantian Times. The Archaeology of Libyan Sahara Volume II. Ed. by M. Liverani

2013 - Life and death of a rural village in Garamantian Times. Ed. by L. Mori

Monographs from the AZA series can be purchased here.