di Lernia & Tafuri 2013 article on Journal of Anthropological Archaeology among the 5 most cited papers (2013-2015)!

S. di Lernia's interview to Nature and Repubblica right after the team was evacuated from SW Libya on a IAF aircraft (February 2011). Director also discusses the threats to Libyan heritage with Adnkronos and Italiannetwork. A radio interview with RAI RadioTre is also available here.

Some articles issued after the publication on Nature (2012) regarding prehistoric dairying can be found here.

PLOS ONE Research article (2013) Inside the “African Cattle Complex”: Animal Burials in the Holocene Central Sahara, press release here.

Press release for the article on the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (2013) Persistent deathplaces and mobile landmarks: The Holocene mortuary and isotopic record from Wadi Takarkori (SW Libya). Click here.

Now online di Lernia's Comment on Nature "Save Libyan Archaeology". You can download the pdf here. Listen also the interview given to Nature by Savino here. See also LiveScience blog